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Shattered Darkness [DARK], based out of Darkhaven, has been and is one of the oldest, largest and most active guilds on Darkhaven since beta. We are a community of players of all skill levels with an interest in sharing and learning every aspect of the game.

Shattered Darkness is proud of our no-judgment, "get what you put in" community and is always recruiting new and active players of all skill levels. Keep reading for more details!

Our Mission Statement:

The members of Shattered Darkness [DARK] work together to cultivate a friendly, helpful, fun community for Guild Wars 2. Founded in the spirit of a small guild—in which every community member is valued equally. No matter how large we grow, this is the spirit we strive to uphold.

We are committed to the following tenets:

  • That inclusiveness, openness, and generosity are superior to exclusivity, elitism, and selfishness.
  • That flexible, personal interaction is superior to rigid, impersonal delegation.
  • That commitment to our community is to be encouraged, recognized, and rewarded.
  • That the best way to play the game is the way that leads to the most fun and satisfaction for everyone in the community.

Our Code of Conduct:

The mission of this guild is to create an enjoyable and inclusive community for all of its members. This guild is comprised of people with many different backgrounds, beliefs, opinions, tolerances, and thresholds. With this in mind, it is of utmost importance to ensure that respect between members is made paramount in our interactions. Therefore, pursuant to the guild mission statement, the following code of conduct is to be followed by all of its members and applies to all Guild Related forums.

  • Treat your fellow guild members with respect at all times and keep offensive, hateful, and hurtful comments to yourself. While we welcome open thoughtful communication and discussion amongst all members, any comments/discussion pertaining to race, religion and/or sexual orientation deemed inappropriate or offensive will not be tolerated.
  • We under no circumstance wish to censor our members or to moderate chat. We do want all members to enjoy in the insanity that is our dysfunctional family. Please limitfoul language, adult subject matter to your private conversations. Know your audience.
  • Misunderstandings and potential conflict of personalities/opinions are inevitable. Any abusive verbal exchanges between members should be settled in a civilized and mature manner between the parties involved. Should the issue remain unresolved, said concerns should be brought to the attention of a guild leader/officer so that appropriate action can be taken. 
  • Harassment and bullying will not be tolerated within the guild, report any incidents to an officer or guild leader.
  • Any complaints received with regards to an individual player will be reviewed and discussed with the player on an individual basis. A warning will be offered to the member prior to any action taken. If said behavior should continue, the removal of or potential action against the member will be discussed and decided upon by guild leaders, by consensus.
  • Uphold the honour of the guild at all times, and be aware that your actions can affect the reputation of the guild.
  • Do not, under any circumstance, use guild forums, guild assets or guild provided services for your personal gain/profit. Any members abusing privileges (Guild Bank, Guild controls, Guild chat) will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Uphold the Mission Statement of Shattered Darkness at all times and always have fun.

Member Guidelines:

Shattered Darkness takes pride in being an open and inclusive guild. We ask all members to contribute what they can of their time, skills and knowledge of the game to assist lower level/new players and the guild as a whole to succeed. Members are expected to work together for the betterment of all.

Get to know your guild members. Take advantage of what each player has to offer. Every guild member has an integral role in the success of this community.

  • Be patient if help is not immediately forthcoming for quests or runs. Each player has commitments outside of the game and oftentimes, in-game also.
  • Be respectful of other people’s time including showing up on time for dungeons, guild events to which you have made a commitment. Honour your commitments.
  • Give as much as you take. Make suggestions. Help us to build this guild.
  • The Guild Bank is a shared resource provided for the guild to share materials, gear, food, and other items.  Players are limited in the number of items per day they may withdraw. Please also consider sharing items that you loot, create, acquire by placing them in an appropriate place in the bank (notice we ATTEMPT to keep it organized).Please note that once you place something in the guild bank - it becomes property of the community and is available for anyone in the guild who has access.
  • Guild rank must be earned. Step up. Take initiative. Be helpful. Be friendly. Be respectful. Be knowledgeable. We are always looking to build on our leadership team. Speak to an officer or guild leader if you are interested in taking on a greater role. We are not just building a community, we are building friendships. Enjoy your time with Shattered Darkness and know that you have friends here.

Officer Guidelines:

Shattered Darkness takes pride in its role in building and assisting our players and ultimately, the guild to succeed. Guild leaders are selected based upon their proven ability to give of their time and effort to making this guild succeed.

Guild leaders are expected to abide by the code of conduct and to exemplify the Guild Mission Statement.

  • Patience is of utmost importance with anyone in a leadership role. Be patient when fielding questions and requests from newer players. Be patient when guiding groups through guild related activities.
  • Do not allow your personal feelings for any given member contribute to an unfair or imbalanced ability to resolve issues that will be potentially harmful to the guild.
  • Disciplinary action against a member should be discussed amongst leaders (if possible) and a consensus reached. Much like the community as a whole, leadership will have differing opinions on individual situations. We must commit to running a fair and cohesive community.
  • Disciplinary action is NOT retroactive. Address issues as they occur.
  • Remember that your behavior on guild forums has a great impact on all members of the guild. How you handle any given situation can have as great an impact on guild morale (positive or negative) as any situation that may arise amongst members.  As a guild leader, it is expected that you will handle any/all issues with maturity and that you will abide by the code of conduct.
  • Lead by example.
  • Know your content.
  • Keep in mind always that your way is not the best way or the only way. Be open to learning and open to varying opinions.
  • As a guild leader you are expected to lead. Take initiative. If you see issues or have suggestions or concerns, implement them. Communicate with your fellow officers and GMs.
  • As much as this is a gaming community, leadership of a large group can be both time consuming and stressful at times. Should you be experiencing difficulties in your leadership role, please do not hesitate to see a GM. Please notify a GM or Officer if you will be absent for a prolonged period of time. We are here to help and support one another.


To join us, please contact any of the leaders/officers listed below in-game! We'd be happy to chat with you and answer any questions and get you started!

Guild Leaders:
Lanytty - ladyd.8652
Jarl - Thorfinn.9385

Ink - Ghost of Ink.4573
Blanche Neige - Blanche Neige.7241